Virginia Baseball Tournaments Information - 7/3-7/5 Firecracker Wood-Bat Tournament

Posted by Virginia Baseball Tournaments on Jun 16 2020 at 04:55PM PDT

The schedule is posted on the app, Tourney Machine. Please sign up for information about changes to the fields, game times, etc. so that you will be made aware immediately of any changes to your team’s schedule!

This is the link:

Also, we will be using social media to “talk” about different teams, players, etc. IF you do not want your child’s image, likeness, name, etc. to be put into any social media announcements, please let the person at the game know immediately so that we do not infringe on your privacy. Thank you! @vabaseballtourn is the twitter feed

Below is information to note before playing in our event this weekend.

Remember that all players must have parents sign the waiver on the USSSA website regarding information about COVID. Gate fee is $20 for the entire weekend; $10 day passes are also available.


1 – no outside food or drink for fans at the fields!  Players may have water/gatorade that they keep in their possession with no sharing.
2 – wear masks and wash your hands frequently
3 – if using tents – please have family members only under them
4 – we will provide each team with 9 baseballs for the weekend.  You are to mark them with your team’s name and enter them into the game when you are on defense.  If you use them up, YOU will need to provide new balls that are marked with your team’s name on them as well.5 – no team handshakes, meetings after the game on the field, etc.  Please remove your team’s equipment, etc. ASAP so that cleaning may begin before the next team arrives.
5 – no gum or seeds at any site!

Thanks for your patience as we move into this summer of baseball.